a Horror Fantasy... a Modern Mythology

a Dark Epic Tale of Honor, Power, Greed and Deception...

A dark and twisted horror fantasy set in the modern day world,
as a small group of humans and demons prepare for war when an ancient prophecy telling of an angel who
will rise to unseat the emperor Lucifer becomes a terrifying reality. As evil grows stronger, alliances are
formed and heroes will rise with humanity hanging in the balance

Tom Lodewyck,  Tony Todd,  Angus Scrimm,  Linnea Quigley,  Bill Moseley,  Debra Lamb,
Brinke Stevens,  Chris Burchette,  Barbara Magnolfi,  Kaylee Williams,  Debbie Rochon,  Camden Toy,
Matt Ukena,  Shannon Lark,  Rachel Grubb,  Morgan Peter Brown,  Paula Duerksen,
Nick Principe,  Tim Hays,  Tawny Amber Young,  Sabrina Sin.



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